Pool Etiquette


Children who are not toilet trained must wear a Little Swimmer(or equivalent) in the water. Regular diapers will explode and are NOT permitted.

Spectators:  You are very welcome to watch your child's lessons. You will be right by the pool. Please remember and inform others that there is ABSOLUTELY NO FOOTWEAR on the deck at any time. You may opt to purchase a pair of thongs specifically for the pool area only. This is acceptable. The air is warmer than the   pool. Dress accordingly.

Long Hair:  If your child has long hair that may get into their face or otherwise hamper their swimming, please have them put it into a pony tail or braid. This is NOT optional.

Extra Chemicals:  Because this is a high traffic pool they add additional chemicals. If your child wishes to wear goggles they are welcome to...but they must provide them. Due to the high chemical level I encourage you to give your child a shower after the lesson. You may opt to bring their pajamas with them and then they are set for the night. You may choose to use moisturizing cream.